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Our department is located on the fifth and sixth floors of the Art and Design College Building, with a total area space of 1,755 square meters. There is a digital output center, a compose media and packaging design studio, a darkroom laboratory, and a Graphic Design and Information Visualization Studio, a multimedia design and 3D animation studio, a darkroom, a video editing studio, a performance theater, an animation studio, five professional classrooms and a department office with open space. All the labs and classrooms are listed below:

  1. Instructional Laboratory
  2. Research Laboratory

Fifth floor


G501   Digital Printing Studio


G502   MixedMedia & Package Design 


G503   Photography Darkroom


G505  Graphic & Information Design Center


G506   Multimedia & 3D Animation Center


G507-1  Photography Studio


G507-2  Sound Studio


G508  Digital media Lab


G509   Video Editing Workshop 


G511  Performance ArtCenter


G513  Experimental Animation Workshop

Sixth floor


G620-1  Equipment  Room


G620-2  Equipment  Room

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